April 22, 2016

Table of Contents


1. Language
    The Finger Pointing at the Moon
    The Ten Thousand Things
    One Damned Thing After Another
    Manners of Speech
    Design by Committee
    A Gay Old Time
    Once Upon a Time

2. Writing
    Opening Lines
    “A” is for Ox
    Left and Right
    Rest Notes
    Enuf is Enough
    Cutting Corners
    The Soul of a New Machine

3. Numbers
    Counting to 10
    The Measure of All Things
    Revenge of the Nerds
    Games of Chance
    Yin and Yang

4. Time
    All the Rest Have Thirty-One
    Thank God It’s Frigg’s Day
    Better Days
    The Hands of Time
    A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion

5. Music 
    Sex, Brains, and Rock ’n’ Roll
    Getting in Tune
    Every Good Boy
    Talking Machines
    The Hit Parade

6. Maps
    The Four Corners of the World
    Connecting the Dots
    Street Smart
    Maps and Mappings

7. Pictures
    Getting Real
    Drawing on the Left Side of the Brain
    Copy Cats
    Traces of Light
    The Big Screen

8. TV
    The Force
    Singing in the Wires
    On the Air
    The Tube
    A Word from Our Sponsor
    Buttons and Knobs

9. Computers 
    The Turing Machine
    What You See is What You Get
    The Web


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