April 6, 2016


The First Commercial Broadcast
KDKA, Pittsburgh, November 2, 1920
Running time 1:18

The Hindenberg Disaster
WLS, Chicago, May 6, 1937
Running time: 1:20

W.C. Fields and Charlie McCarthy
The Chase and Sanborn Hour, NBC, c. 1937
Running time: 1:57

The War of the Worlds
The Mercury Theater of the Air, CBS, October 31, 1938
Running time 2:18

Edward R. Murrow Reports from the London Blitz
CBS, August 24, 1940
Running time 2:42

The Shot Heard Round the World
WMCA, New York, October 3, 1951
Running time: 1:33

Alan Freed Presents Bill Haley and the Comets
CBS, 1956.
Running time: 3:38

Sputnik Radio Signal
Source: NASA, 1957
Running time: 0:11

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